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SEI Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks


Iron-on Tips and Tricks

  • Pre-wash fabric
  • Works best on a hard, flat surface - not an ironing board. Firm pressure (full body pressure) works best to assure the attachment of the iron-on
  • Cotton or cotton blend fabric works best. Other types of fabric may melt from the heat of the iron
  • If the iron-on is larger than 2 inches or has several corners, it may be easier to cut out the iron-on instead of peeling it off the paper backing. (Then peel the paper backing off after iron-on is adhered to material.) Remember not to cut through the adhesive
  • When cold-peeling an iron-on, peel slowly and cautiously, not like you would a sticker
  • Flock means fuzzy (facing up); Adhesive is bumpy and shiny (facing down)
  • Before ironing, check placement of iron-on and make sure it is not backwards. Our iron-ons are permanent!
  • Turn garment inside out and iron firmly for additional 25-30 seconds
  • Add firm pressure when ironing- especially when your article is inside out
  • Be careful not to over-iron as scorching may occur.
  • For best results, machine cold wash inside out and air dry


Tumble Tie Dye Tips and Tricks

  • Shake bottle well before each use
  • Play with a scrap piece of fabric or baby wipes before using the actual article. Tie dying takes practice!
  • If you do not want colors to bleed from front to back when stenciling, put a piece of plastic in between layers. Spray a little, then add more once it dries until desired color is obtained
  • When using multiple colors, start with lightest color first
  • If you do not get the coverage you want, it's okay to add more dye
  • If garment is hung to dry, colors will bleed downward. If dried flat, colors will slightly migrate, depending on the dampness of the garment
  • Let garment dry completely before heat setting
  • After your garment is heat set, the article may be washed as normal
  • To make clean up easier baby wipes, hand sanitizer, or Clorox wipes work great! Soap and water work well too
  • Depending on how much coverage you want, a 2 oz bottle of Tumble Dye will work for about 5-7 shirts; a quart will make about 50-60 shirts.


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